Terraria Diary Day #2: A glimmer of hope

We're going deeper underground

What's to become of our unfortunate adventurer? He's out of the frying pan and straight into the fire as he escapes night-time zombie attacks to tangle with underground treasures and uncover unexpected mushroom grottoes. Are you toying with Terraria too? Recount your own adventures in the comments below.

Diary, I live to write another day. But alas, perhaps one more day is all I have been afforded.

When those accursed zombies had cornered Guide and I in our makeshift home, I feared all was lost. They had pounded on our door with every intention of breaking it down, but the second dawn came, the foul beasts retreated just as swiftly as they had arrived, slavering and champing for human flesh. When I finally found the courage to open the door a crack, I saw only brilliant sunshine and bunnies and blossoms. For a moment I supposed it had all been some terrible nightmare.

No matter. The horrors of my first night would not be repeated. I had a sword, had I not? I had a pickaxe. I had everything I needed to do what I came to this land to do. This deceptive place would not be the master of me. I would explore, I would build, and I would conquer.


Leaving Guide behind, I set out that very morning for adventure. I encountered several more slime creatures, but with my spirit invigorated they were easily dispatched. The land was uneven and so traversal slow, but eventually the earth opened up as I came to what appeared to be a naturally occurring cave. Leaping to the bottom, I lit a torch and ventured boldly into the dark. The path led ever deeper down, and as I followed the very air around me seemed to change, like a record player skipping to the next song. Not wanting to get lost, I set a trail of torches marking my way, but still as I progressed, the darkness threatened to swallow me whole. Several times I lost my footing and plummeted further into the cavernous depths, only to find new paths to follow. Whatever abyssal creature had carved out this underground network, I quietly hoped we would never meet.

After stumbling onward for what felt like an age, something finally caught my eye - a glimmer in the dark. Producing my pickaxe, I dug like a man possessed. Crashing through dirt and stone, I eventually felt the instrument strike something new, something that shone brightly, even in the low light. Iron ore! And a rich vein of it too - the deeper I dug, the more I uncovered. It may not have been the gold I had hoped for, but once refined the iron could be used to craft the tools I'd need to continue my adventure. Digging until the deposit had been exhausted, I stored it away and looked around for a way out. It was then I realised I had dug too greedily. Without wood to make a platform that could bear me up and out of this hole, my only escape route was down. With pick in hand, I kept digging until I felt the dirt beneath me begin to thin.

With one final blow from my axe, the ground gave way and I tumbled into darkness. After I had struck cold earth again and recovered my senses, a faint glow nearby caught my attention. A shining red stone sat pristine atop a mound of dirt, as though placed there by magic. The crystal, shaped almost like a heart, offered comfort somehow, and without thought I picked it up and held it aloft. It shone brightly for a brief moment before disappearing, and immediately I felt fortified, as though my life itself had been lengthened.

The room now in total darkness, I reached into my inventory to produce another torch. What luck - a dusty chest lay not ten feet from where I stood. Hands trembling, I pushed open the lid and peered eagerly inside. A potion, several shurikens and a sharp silver spear lay glinting at the bottom, along with a mirror that seemed to possess some degree of an as yet unknown power. With no use for it, I stored it away inside my pack to study later. Leaving my broken, blunt sword behind and arming myself with the keen spear, I felt new levels of power course through me.

Eager to get back to camp with my newly acquired treasures, I set about returning to the surface world. All of a sudden, I sensed movement up ahead in the dark. Without warning, a terrible white face with sunken, deadened eyes lurched towards me. It was followed by another, and then another. Skeletons. Terrified, I ran blindly into the dark, following the path of the catacombs. Seconds later, I came crashing into a glowing mushroom grotto. The sudden bright light stung my eyes, but still pursued, I pressed onward and cowered behind a stone embankment.

I write this entry by the light of the mushrooms' ethereal blue glow, but even now I hear those accursed skeletons rallying close by. I cannot linger; my only option is to meet them head on. My only hope is this untested new weapon. What's to become of me, diary?