Bethesda teases "exciting" game reveals this year, promises "to push the boundaries"

We'll make "considerably more noise" in 2013 than 2012

Of all the long-established firms nurturing next generation console projects, the one I'm most anxious to hear from is Bethesda - custodian of three of gaming's greatest licenses in the shape of Doom, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Speaking to us in the latest OXM podcast, company vice-president Peter Hines has hinted that announcements may happen soon.

"I think you'll hear us making considerably more noise this year than we did last year, as a publisher," he said. "Obviously the Elder Scrolls Online is out and we've got the Dishonored DLC, but we will be announcing new stuff and making some noise, and I think when we get the chance to show you guys what we're up to, that you'll sit up and take notice."


Naturally, Hines wasn't prepared to shed even the faintest ray of light on the games in question, but insisted that they would be worth the wait. "I think we're continuing to do the stuff that we get excited about, and people will get really excited about when they hear what we're up to, which is continuing to push the boundaries, reinvent - find really smart, passionate teams who know what they're doing and have an idea that they really want to do and do well.

"So who that is, and what they're doing is to TBD but, when I'm next in London to do this, hopefully we'll be able to talk more and gauge your reaction."

There are some pretty well-trodden theories about Bethesda's activities. Most recently, it's been suggested that Doom 4 is now a next generation effort, providing id Software achieves a level of quality Bethesda and parent company Zenimax are happy with. Hines has indicated that Dishonored may get a sequel - the game exceeded internal expectations despite launching into a tough holiday season.

There's also the strictly unconfirmed prospect of Fallout 4, hotly rumoured in the wake of a tantalising tweet from Fallout 3 voice actor Erik Erik Todd Dellums. Bethesda's registration of a "Fallout TV" trademark could be indicative of the new game's direction.

Bethesda has already given away the fact that it's developing for "future generation consoles", and has founded a new studio to work on what smells like a free-to-play MMO FPS. Over at MachineGames, development is underway on a game that utilises the id Tech 5 engine; Shinji "Resident Evil" Mikami's Tango Gameworks, meanwhile, is crafting survival horror title Zwei for a possible 2013 launch.

Finally, you've got the bordering-on-vapourware Prey 2, in development at Human Head Studios. Lord knows what's up with that one.

Which of these do you think Hines is referring to? Might want to reference this feature on what Fallout 4 could learn from Skyrim.