Call of Duty Championship final: Day One

First update from the million-dollar Black Ops 2 final

This weekend is the final of the first Call of Duty Championship in Los Angeles, where the world's best Call of Duty players have gathered on Treyarch's doorstep to prove their dominance and win a chunk of a million-dollar grand prize pool. We've sent new writer Aoife Wilson out to see it, just to confirm that this is a job entirely glamour-free, and she'll be posting videos from each day.

You can watch the first update below or on the OXM YouTube channel. The first day has been marked with mild controversy when a player unplugged their controller mid-match; what is a brief annoyance on Xbox Live is a potential tactical play in pro gaming and the rules specify the match can't be restarted. YouTube CoD expert Syndicate explained it to us.

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The UK is being represented by the Fariko.Dragons, who came second in the EU finals in Cologne, but managed a disappointing 0-3 loss in the final. Irish team Epsilon, who won the EU finals, fared better and made it through to the next round.

You can see the match report and the results on the Championship homepage and watch the action as it happens on The final will be live-streamed over Xbox Live on Sunday.