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Grand Theft Auto 5 boxart revealed via New York wall mural

UPDATE: Digital versions released

Gathering news-thread in the wake of April Fool's Day is a hazardous business. Global salt suppliers are on high alert, as writers fall over themselves to add pinches of the stuff to dodgy-sounding headlines like, oh, the one above. You won't get any truth-mitigating sodium chloride from me, wasters. I take my journalistic blunders on the chin.

Grand Theft Auto 5's boxart has been revealed, or at least is in the process of being revealed. Rockstar has commissioned a building-high mural in Manhattan's Chelsea neighbourhood, taking the form of a familiar pattern of concept images. It'll release digital versions in the next few days. Very stylish, chaps, but couldn't you have picked a more auspicious date?


There's a fan mock-up of what the final article may look like doing the rounds - I've reposted it below, via Gameranx. What do you think? Rockstar recently apologised for its silence over GTA 5, commenting "we are sorry if you find this frustrating, but please understand, we don't do this because we 'don't care about our fans', 'don't respect our fans', 'hate GTA fans etc' - precisely the opposite!"

Here's everything we know about GTA 5 at the time of writing. Ta, Reddit.


UPDATE: The digital version is now live, below. Go on, dribble.