Another Battlefield 4 video teaser arrives - DICE to deliver proper sea battles?

The crest of the wave

I've been wondering what the Big New Thing with Battlefield 4 will be. Going by the latest teaser video, that Big New Thing is waging war at sea, which means the game will compete directly with Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. Or not. How many beards has yours got, DICE? Because Ubisoft's way ahead of the pack when it comes to nautical facial follicles.

It's a video of a propeller starting, long story short. I wouldn't pull out of university just yet. Battlefield 4 will be revealed on 27th March, and if you log into the official site, you'll get an exclusive Battlefield 3 dogtag. Unmissable.

Update: They've released another teaser, showing a tank's nether regions. Land and sea battles, DICE? You spoil us.