Minecraft Xbox 360 update 9 trailer goes live - see The Enderdragon in action

We have nothing to lose but our loot drops!

Gentlemen! Ladies! Gird your undergarments, start your engines and set your S-foils to attack position. The Minecraft Xbox 360 update 9 trailer is upon us, and a release date surely can't be too far behind. Right, 4J Studios?

The update is almost through bug fixing, and we can expect a full changelog in the next few days. The trailer focusses on finding and slaying the Enderdragon - read about how to quash the cheeky flying scoundrel in our Minecraft Xbox 360 update 9 survival guide - but a number of other features are in store, including item frames.

Also present in the trailer - a few choice picks from the recent Minecraft Xbox 360 Skin Pack 4, which offers 45 skins for 160 MP. Tempted?