Crystal Dynamics: Tomb Raider 2 will continue reboot storyline, build on multiplayer

"At this time there are no plans for single player DLC."

You can't make a sequel to your Tomb Raider prequel, Crystal Dynamics. That's just... wrong, like Marty McFly sleeping with his own mother. Alas, this unnatural prospect is a very probable one, according to global brand director Karl Stewart.

"The goal of this vision was to introduce you to a story of how Lara becomes an adventurer and a true Croft," Stewart wrote during a Reddit AMA last night, as reported by PlayStation Lifestyle. "Future games will be defined by who Lara has become as a result of who she is at the end of this experience."


Future games will also, he promised, continue to experiment with multiplayer - very much the least well-received aspect of the reboot. "The decision to do a multiplayer actually came from Crystal," he said. "We truly believe that it was and is the right decision to make.

"We looked to the future of where MP is heading and made the call to begin the process of setting the foundations. Everyone has to start somewhere and this is our first time." We can expect more multiplayer map packs for Tomb Raider, he went on, but "at this time there are no plans for single player DLC". Boo hiss.

Read my interview with creative director Noah Hughes for more about Tomb Raider's future. Here's hoping they throw in a few more actual, you know, tombs next time.