Minecraft Xbox 360 update 9 trailer out this week, 4J almost done with bug fixing

Changelog to arrive "in the next few days"

There is light at the end of the tunnel, my deep-delving and high-building brethren. Minecraft Xbox 360 update 9 is almost out of bug fixing, and 4J Studios says we can expect full details in the next few days. A trailer for the pack has already been created, and is due this week.

The long-awaited next Minecraft Xbox 360 update adds a number of new features, most notably The End - a purple-black alternate reality which is home to the Enderdragon. It's derived from the PC version, as ever, but console-owning Minecrafters will be treated to exclusive features such as new mob behaviours. Other bits and pieces planned for the update include new Tutorial World secrets, item frames and spawn eggs.

Read about how to beat the Enderdragon in our Minecraft Xbox 360 update 9 survival guide. Have you been foraging for Eyes of Ender, like we told you to? Because you ain't going to no dragon party without Eyes of Ender, my lad.