Our Gears of War: Judgment review - what do you want to know?

The Locust are on the march - ready your question-cannons

Review code for People Can Fly's Fenix-less prequel Gears of War: Judgment has arrived, and it has fallen to yours truly to lay a review and score upon its grotesquely wrinkled pate. Like a squad of COG roughnecks on a reconnaissance mission, my hands, eyes and brain are now exploring the game's brutish immensity. But where should they head first? And what critical tactics should they employ? That, my friend, is up to you.

Pose your questions about Judgment here, and I'll do my best to answer them in either the review text or a follow-up Q&A. Our early impressions of the game were positive - while comparable on the surface to the Gears of old, this is a dramatically different shooter in terms of how missions are structured and how the story is told. I'm stoked, give or take a couple of reservations about the completeness of said narrative. In related news, I utterly suck at Overrun.

Read Jonty's interview with now-departed Epic man Rod Fergusson for more about the relationship between the brand's creators and the minds behind Bulletstorm. Long story short, People Can Fly's feel for an action sandbox hasn't gone to waste.

Update: Our Gears of War: Judgment review is live.