'Create-A-Henchman' revealed in Fable 2

Second player can create a henchman and customise it on the fly...

The joys of playing Fable 2 co-op are not limited to those with Xbox Live, Peter Molyneux reveals in the August Issue of the Official UK Xbox Magazine, on sale tomorrow.

Developer Lionhead has opened its doors to OXM for a world-exclusive first play, including full details on how a second player can create a henchman character in seconds, and can learn to play the game in just a few minutes.

When a second controller is plugged in, a pop-up menu allows the player to customise a henchman on the fly. It's perfect when you need help defeating some of the tougher monsters, including rock trolls and fearsome balverines.

Make sure you don't miss out on our extensive preview, revealing tons of new story details, gameplay impressions, and exactly how a henchman can make a big impact on your constantly evolving world.