Gears of War: Judgment's unlockable second campaign revealed

"Aftermath" takes place alongside events of Gears of War 3

There's a whole 'nother "campaign" tucked away in People Can Fly's entertaining prequel Gears of War: Judgment, Epic has told OXM. Titled Aftermath, it takes place during the final hours of Gears of War 3, and reveals what exactly Baird and Cole got up to while Marcus was busy putting down the Locust Queen.

To get at the additional content, you'll need to unlock all the stars - won by completing sections of the main campaign with extra-special style and aplomb (think headshots, gibbing and getting through each area without needing revival). Earning completion-juice towards these stars is much easier when players undertake Declassified missions - tougher, more creative versions of the vanilla challenges - but you can do it the old-fashioned Classified way if you please.


"We wanted to do something that added context to the game, so you had that beginning part, but then this ties everything together with the main trilogy as well," lead level designer Jim Brown told me at a preview event. "So you'll see when you go in there some people you recognise, some places, maybe even some enemies and then see how the two storylines weave together in the context of the whole franchise."

"Obviously we don't want to give away too many spoilers in how it's going to end or what you're going to see," he added, "But the basic gist of it is that when they're at the fort, Marcus sends Baird and Cole off to find supplies and reinforcements, and then he goes off to Azura. Then at the very end they show up with helicopters. This is where they went and what they did on that mission."

Brown didn't let on how long the unlockable story content would last, but it sounds like there's not-inconsiderable playtime involved. Read more about Judgment single player in our most recent hands-on, and brace for a new preview shortly. Ooh, and here's a trailer care of reader Jfan. Nice first post, sir/madam.