Battlefield 3 DLC End Game tips - DICE's guide to dominating the new maps

Bikes and C4 make wonderful boom noises together

Harken unto me, comrades! Sometime this month, EA will release the fifth and final Battlefield 3 DLC pack, End Game, unto yonder war-torn Xbox Live Marketplace. End Game is a peculiar beast, equal parts high altitude collisions and ground-level tussles over flagpoles. If the very thought of it makes you sick with anxiety, fear not - DICE's lead designer Niklas Fegraeus has shared a few starting tips in a new PWNED interview.

I've done you the huge, HUGE favour of extracting those tips from the video, and converting them into ultra-convenient words and numbers. Here we go:


1. Get a ride
The new maps are Operation Riverside, Nebandan Flats, Kaisar Railroad and Sabalan Pipeline, and they're on the larger side - handy, given the pack's emphasis on high velocity Battlefielding. "When talking about speed, you need some distance to cover, otherwise you won't get anywhere," Fegraeus divulged. "So, the maps in Endgame are quite big. The exception to that would be Sabalan Pipeline, which is a slightly smaller map. It's still vehicle friendly but it has smaller distances to cover so it's a little more catered to infantry combat."

2. On your bike
It's not just about covering distance - bike riders can avail themselves of shortcuts turned stunt opportunities to seize a positional advantage. "We've added lots of hidden - and some are very obvious - jumps and you can make some really big air jumps or some small," says Fegraeus. "You can do big shortcuts like over rocky terrain or something like that to reach the flag bases faster. So there's lots of cool stuff to do for the people riding the bikes."

3. Control the centre...
The new Dropship threatens to completely change how Conquest matches unfold. Basically, the team that controls the central base is going to have a much easier time of things, as you'll be able to fly in vehicles wherever you choose and spawn right inside them. Imagine parachuting a tank onto a sniper's nest, for instance. Ouch. Alas, life may be tough for those of us who earn their keep by grabbing the base nearest the spawn, then leap-frogging the centre to attack the far end once the main enemy force has moved out.


4. ...or bring an AA truck
Nature's answer to the Dropship (and aerial vehicles in general)? That would be the HMMWV ASRAD - a dinky little jeep with a homing missile launcher in place of a sun roof. It's one of two new four-wheelers you'll meet in End Game. "Yes, we have two new jeeps with an AA turret on the back, so they provide very mobile, very fast, anti air support which is really nice because normally you might have to rely on either static AA or infantry which doesn't have the strongest AA, but now you have this very mobile platform to take out air threats, which is really nice."

5. Do a C4 jump
If you're riding shotgun on a bike, you'll be able to access all your weapons (including shotguns). This allows for some spectacular horseplay with remotely detonated explosives. For instance: "What I like to do is to actually equip some C4, and then as you come up to some of the jumps, that go over roads and over crossings, if you time it right and there's a tank passing by, you can actually go over the tank, drop some C4, and as you land next to it go click! And that is pretty epic."

Hope all that helps. Read full details of End Game here.