Avalanche CEO tweets possible Just Cause 3 image, hints at E3 2013 reveal

"2013 is also the year of the geniuses!" OK then.

That there mysterious project Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios keeps alluding to is on the brink of becoming a Real and Known Thing. Company founder Christofer Sundberg has Instagrammed shot of somebody leaping from the back of a propeller-powered aircraft. Jumping from planes? Why, that's precisely the kind of stupid, glorious thing our old friend Rico Rodriguez would do...

"Just Cause 3" are the words on everybody's lips this morning, but we could be speaking too soon. Avalanche, remember, has a total of three new games on the go, including a movie project said to be a Max Max title, out in April 2014 for next generation consoles, and a comicbook game of which little is known.


The title thought to be Just Cause 3 is a "sandbox action game", published by Square Enix, that's "scheduled for completion in June 2015 for next generation console platforms".

Avalanche posted a blurry picture of one of these games earlier this month. The gist: man does dangerous things on motorbike. Again, very Rico-esque.

Sundberg dropped a few provocative remarks in the wake of the tease. "2013 is also the year of the geniuses! When will all the experts actually prove something?" he said. As I've said, I don't have a solution but we try. As in try by actually working hard on sandbox games and biz models, not just tweeting and yap in [Game Developer Conference] talks. F**k 'em! Makes me sick..." Now there's a man who doesn't let his career prospects get in the way of his mouth.

"Tease is all I do as I'm just as full if shit as the rest of them," the Avalanche boss told one intrigued follower. "Or am I? #e32013 #goforknockout" Looks like we won't have long to wait till the big reveal, then.