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EA and Microsoft sign next gen exclusivity deal, may involve Battlefield 4 and Respawn's new IP - sources

Microsoft to unveil "key" EA partnership at next gen Xbox conference

Microsoft has signed a major next generation Xbox exclusivity deal with EA, according to CVG sources who don't work at either company. That would explain why the publisher had nothing to say at Sony's PS4 reveal, then.

The deal could boil down to something as modest as Xbox-only DLC, but the site's contacts aren't ruling out a full-blown old-fashioned game exclusive, just like the ones Mother used to bake. Battlefield 4 - confirmed to be a next gen console release - and Respawn Entertainment's unannounced sci-fi shooter are tipped to be involved.


EA has admitted to having a "rough start" on current generation consoles, but claims its new IPs and Frostbite technology will dominate the next generation. The publisher revealed in June last year that it had three to five original gaming properties in the can for unannounced hardware.

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