EA: all our games will have micro-transactions

"And consumers are enjoying and embracing that way of business."

This should go down well. All future EA releases will support micro-transactions, chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen has told audiences at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference, via Develop.

Those who took umbrage at Dead Space 3's micro-payments for weapons won't be amused, probably - there was much online self-congratulation when fans unearthed an exploit which allows for the infinite generation of resources, a practice one intellectual property expert likened to theft.


As somebody who completed Dead Space 3 without once being bothered or tempted by the prospect of paying extra, I'm prepared to give EA the benefit of the doubt. Still, these are murky waters. Micro-transactions often arouse the dreaded spectre of "pay to win", and even those that balance their offerings appropriately run the risk of feeling bitty, designed in such a way as to be easily broken off into separately sold pieces.

"We are building into all of our games the ability to pay for things along the way; to get to a higher level," Jorgensen declared, "And consumers are enjoying and embracing that way of business."

The publisher is so wed to the model that it'll handle micro-transaction systems internally from now on, under the guidance of chief technology officer Rajat Taneja. "If you're doing microtransactions and you're processing credit cards for every one of those microtransactions you'll get eaten alive. And so Rajat's team has built an amazing backend to manage that and manage that much more profitably. We've outsourced a lot of that stuff historically; we're bringing that all in-house now."

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