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Microsoft renews Project Gotham Racing trademark ahead of rumoured next Xbox reveal

Competitors, please start your hype engines

Hark, the distant rumbling of a next generation console announcement, bursting through the fibres of the earth like exquisitely lit, high definition magma. Today's ominous tremor is Microsoft's decision to renew its Project Gotham Racing trademark - the first time it has done so since registering the handle, way back in 2002.

Lucid Games is rumoured to be working on a new instalment in the series, which seems unlikely given the size of the studio. Though it does appear to be teasing a racing game of some description - have a look at the below.


It's said Microsoft will reveal the next Xbox in April. I'd take another Forza Horizon over a new Project Gotham, personally. Wonder if Sumo Digital - the outfit composed in significant part of Bizarre Creations veterans - has anything to do with Microsoft's upcoming racing plans?

Ta VG247.