Capcom reveals action-RPG Deep Down for next gen

A dash of Dragon's Dogma, a splash of Dark Souls

"The real next gen"? Well, it doesn't start till we say it does, naturally, but Capcom's intriguing new project Deep Down ticks all the appropriate boxes. Revealed last night at some sort of marketing event - the specifics elude us - it runs on the new Panta Rhei engine, which is touted as the "next evolutionary step from the MT Framework".

"Panta Rhei" - "everything flows" in Ancient Greek - is an aphorism incorrectly attributed to the philosopher Heraclitus, and often used to characterise his system of thought. Not quite sure what Capcom's trying to say there, but it could be a reference to the gelatinous lighting or liquid fire effects in the below trailer. Hey, I'm just making this up as I go along. Care to offer a better interpretation?


It's a fantasy action affair, obviously, which calls to mind both stablemate Dragon's Dogma (also a game that loves throwing the old magma around) and Dark Souls (wherein be dragons and nasty dungeons and nifty catchphrases like "you will die"). The online functionality bit right at the end featuring "Blanka" is a bit of a chin-scratcher - there's a touch of VR glitching which puts me in mind of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed trailers.

Other points of note: exploding arrows, melting shields, a priest of some description. Your thoughts?