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WWE '14 announced for 2013 release, will be "most authentic WWE experience"

Yuke's to develop, "variety of platforms" involved

2K Games has confirmed that it has acquired exclusive worldwide rights to publish games based on the WWE license, and announced a new instalment - WWE 14 - for release in autumn 2013. Yuke's, developer of WWE 13, is once again in the director's chair.

"The WWE series is a great addition to our stable of triple-A titles, and we're very happy with this exclusive agreement with our new partners," said David Ismailer, 2K's chief operating officer. "We look forward to capturing the excitement of WWE and marrying it with the same commitment to authenticity and entertainment that we give to our NBA 2K and MLB 2K franchises."


"The development work on the WWE franchise is impressive, and we're excited to combine our background in developing the NBA 2K series with theirs in this new partnership," added Greg Thomas, executive vice president of 2K Sports. "Fans can expect the most authentic WWE experience on game consoles this fall."

Wrestling, eh? I know little of such matters. Fill the blank with your thoughts, below.