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DmC: Devil May Cry's free Bloody Palace DLC is live

Dante's peak?

Fancy fighting your way up a massive invisible tower? Because now you can do it without the aid of expensive hallucinogens. Capcom has released free DmC: Devil May Cry DLC pack Bloody Palace on Xbox Live.

It's 201.43 MB in size, and features 101 levels including five "brutal" bossfights. As punk rocker cum demon-annoyer Dante, you'll "destroy wave after wave of enemies and compete for the highest points ranking on the global leader board". Sounds like fun. There's a slight catch - you'll need to complete the main story mode first.


The DLC releases alongside a new Devil May Cry update, designed to raise the game's difficulty. Read more about that here. Cheers to fracturedrich for spotting this.