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Minecraft Xbox 360 update 9: Tutorial World changes, crash fixes and dispenser tricks

UPDATE: New screenshot released!

Time for another round-up of Twitter-distributed info-morsels about the next Minecraft Xbox 360 update, which has yet to attract a firm release date.

Update: 4J has released the promised screenshot, which shows off a fair bit. Original story continues below...


As you (hopefully) already know, Minecraft Xbox 360 update 9's key addition is The End, an alternate dimension whose key features are as follows: grit, darkness, an army of Endermen and the Enderdragon, which is kind of like the average dragon except squarer.

The pack will add a number of other features, including climbable vines and spawn eggs (pictured), which should come in handy when you're farming monsters.


Prior updates have fiddled around with the game's Tutorial World, which isn't the bog-standard walkthrough of basic mechanics it sounds like. There are "no plans to change the structure of the tutorial world for TU9, although [QA tester Steven Woodward] has been moving the music disk quests," 4J revealed last night.

The pack will tweak dispensers such that they can fire out spawn eggs and fire charges, allowing players to (e.g.) set up Redstone traps that spit out Creepers and incendiary grenades. It'll be miniguns and dinosaurs next, you mark my words. The developer also aims to fix a crash problem that sometimes occurs when you throw an Ender Pearl, and will introduce an option to reset your personal, already-generated version of the Nether, so you can experience new underworldly structures like Nether Fortresses.


4J will release another TU9 screenshot today, and assures that it hasn't forgotten about demand for custom texture packs. "Yes, texture pack work is in progress, but can't give any more info at the moment."

Check out our Minecraft Xbox 360 update 9 survival guide for more about the aforesaid dragon. He's a rascally one.