Ruffian's new game isn't Crackdown 3 - reveal adds weight to Ryse multiplayer rumours

Crackdown 2 hints at "some AAA projects that are yet to be released"

Woe unto the republic. Woe also unto people who like picking up cars and throwing them at each other, after first carefully covering those cars with limpet mines. Crackdown 2 developer Ruffian Games is not, it seems, working on Crackdown 3.

The developer's hotly speculated-upon latest is, in fact, Tribal Towers - release and gameplay details are still to come. "I know, I know it's as shocking as finding out your favourite Lasagne is chock-a-block with Red Rum's offspring," reads a post by Billy Thomson on the official site. "The thing is it's simply not an offer that's on our production table right now, so rather than dwell on this lets get back to the real story here.


"What have we been doing at Ruffian since then and what have we got in the works right now?" the post goes on. "Well, let me blether on for a wee while and tell you. Since Crackdown 2 was completed we've worked on a number of released titles, just as many prototypes and also some AAA projects that are yet to be released.

"The work we've done has seen us become a bit of an expert with Microsoft's Kinect camera, we now know the impressive CryEngine intimately and we've also become a dab hand with the more than capable Unity. We've helped well-known companies ship their titles by supplying high end concept art, AAA game assets, countless code optimizations, numerous gameplay prototypes, Xbox Dashboard apps and fully developed standalone game modes for AAA games."

The mention of CryEngine is interesting - Ruffian is rumoured to have worked on a multiplayer mode for Crytek's Kinect brawler Ryse. The studio also prototyped a Streets of Rage remake at some point, which has now been canned.

Thomson and his cohorts aren't leaving console waters for good. "We don't see consoles dying out any time soon, but the resurgence of PC, the growth of Tablets and the potential of a Steam Box makes us realise that we need to be as agile as possible as a company," the post adds.

"We believe that PC / Steam Box and Tablet gaming is going to seriously challenge console in the next five years and because we already see ourselves as seasoned console developers, we now want to ensure we work towards a similar level of experience in PC and Tablet development.

"We basically want to hedge our bets a little and cover what we believe will be the 3 main bases of the next generation of gaming."

Crackdown is one of five classic IPs we'd like revived for Xbox 720. If not Ruffian, then who?