Microsoft releases Xbox Live update for EU - only "default settings" affected

"We apologise for any inconvenience."

You may have noticed an Xbox Live update going live in the past 12 hours. WHAT COULD IT BE? Answer: something deeply boring. According to Microsoft PR, the update is just a routine tweak under the hood.

"This is a small update to default settings that will only be visible to select users in the EU," the statement reads. "While everyone must take this update, it should only take a few minutes to apply. We apologize for any inconvenience."

"Relax," Xbox EMEA's social marketing manager Graeme Boyd tweeted at one anxious Xbox Live user. "When do we ever give you anything to worry about?" Cheeky devil. As you were, ladies and gentlemen.

Update: Somebody's posted what appear to be specifics of the update on Wikipedia. Apparently "default settings" stands for "added new dashboard style, other security updates. Anti-Piracy 3.0, XGD 4.5 Challenge responses has been updated".

Make of all that what you will. Wonder if the anti-piracy stuff has anything to do with the pirating of Gears of War: Judgment?