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Halo 4 DLC: Majestic Map Pack adds two new playlists - new screenshots and trailer

Certain Affinity flown into develop Infinity Rumble, Majestic FFA DLC, Majestic Team DLC

Microsoft has released more details of forthcoming Halo 4 DLC pack Majestic. It's a bit bulkier than the first one, Crimson, adding three new maps, two new playlists and one new game type. Screenshots and a trailer are below.

343 collaborated with old partner-in-design Certain Affinity to craft the new maps - Landfall, Monolith and Skyline - which are built for small team and close quarters free-for-all gameplay. The two new playlists are Majestic FFA DLC, for eight players, and Majestic Team DLC for four vs four.

Infinity Rumble is for the more flamboyant of Spartans - it awards you Ordnance faster when you earn special medals, style kills and assists. According to Microsoft (via Eurogamer), "you must carefully conserve and use your ordnance at just the right moment, or combine power-ups with power weapons in the race to be first". Spawns take longer than in regular FFA, so try not to get yourself shot at a critical juncture. Or for that matter, at all.


Majestic adds 10 new Achievements for a total of 250 Gamerscore, and the new maps will integrate with the existing Infinity Slayer, Capture the Flag, SWAT, Regicide, Doubles, Team Objective and Team Throwdown playlists.

Microsoft has this to say of the new maps: "Landfall's emphasis is on infantry battles amidst a glittering ocean and a city under siege on a distant world. Monolith is an open battlefield; a Forerunner monument that exposes you to the naked vacuum of space - and the firepower of opposing teams. Skyline puts you in the air on a new construction site, and its distinctly industrial surroundings and sky-high locale provides new challenges in confined spaces."

It costs 800 MP, and is out on 25th February. Buying?