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Next gen Xbox Durango leaker gets raided by police - or so he claims

"I find it hilarious how the warrant only really mentions 'Microsoft', 'eBay', 'Paypal'"

The mysterious industry insider known by his Twitter handle "SuperDaE" appears to have be under investigation by US police in connection with his auctioning off an alleged next generation Xbox development kit.

"Police raided me," SuperDaE tweeted a few hours ago, adding "'I find it hilarious how the warrant only really mentions 'Microsoft', 'eBay', 'Paypal'." Subsequently, there was mention of "an FBI agent and 7-8 POLICE".


Suspected to be a developer, SuperDaE is the source for many of the next generation hardware rumours doing the rounds - according to he, Microsoft's next console comes with a built-in, always-on Kinect sensor and game installations are obligatory. SuperDaE also appears to have put up a "Durango PC" for sale on Ebay - bidding closed today at $50,100. "Durango", in case you're new to the party, is widely believed to be a codename for the new Xbox.

We'll let you know when we hear more. Thanks to Gamechup for spotting this.