Sinister footage of Obsidian's cancelled Aliens RPG leaks

Queens, dog Aliens, vehicles, smartguns appear in Crucible reel

Mouth still adrip with disappointment after sampling the dispiriting stew that is Alien: Colonial Marines? Here, this should wash away a little of the sourness - an animator's reel showcasing a few bits and bobs from Obsidian's Aliens: Crucible, an RPG that swaps out rat-punching for chest-bursting. And will never see release. OK, perhaps the video won't raise your spirits quite so much after all.

Different Alien breeds (including Queens and the dog alien from Alien 3) are shown lashing out, recoiling, scuttling along ceilings and generally making your skin crawl. There are also a couple of fretful-looking marine models to ponder, plus a sequence where somebody writes off a jeep. All this is the work of Danny Garnett, who put in time at Obsidian as an animator across 2008-2009, and is now employed at Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Thanks to DSOgaming for spotting this. Concept artworks for the binned title showed up in September 2011 - I've reposted them below for you to goggle at.