Bungie's Destiny is an always-online Xbox 360 game with a 2014 release date

Studio visit clears up a few details

As part of our trip over to Bungie's vast studio to hear the first details about its new game Destiny, we learned that the game will definitely be available on Xbox 360 - and while Activision won't formally comment on the subject, it'll be releasing in 2014.

As you can read in our Destiny preview, Bungie's latest is an always-online FPS designed around co-op play in instanced locations in a futuristic version of our own solar system. You don't have to play it with anybody else, but your game will always include other human players and you won't be able to play it offline.

Neither Bungie nor Activision would comment on next-generation platforms because they haven't been announced yet - expect that to change when Sony announces the new Playstation on February 20th. But the studio's COO Pete Parsons did confirm that it will definitely be available on Xbox 360 - and Activision's CEO Eric Hershberg reiterated the recent earnings statement that the publisher is not expecting the game to appear in 2013. That suggests it'll be a cross-gen title.

The studio only gave us the briefest glimpse at what the game looks like and almost no information on how it works, instead preferring to explain how it's moving away from the standard FPS mould and the thinking behind its beautiful sci-fi universe. You can find out more about that in our Destiny preview.