Impulse buys: Xbox 360's greatest remakes, HD editions and compilations

Seven hits of yesteryear wearing fancy present-day pyjamas

Look at the games on your shelf. I'm sure they're great games, because you're reading our website, and if you're reading our website, you're evidently a being of taste and discretion. Want to know something depressing about the games on your shelf? Well, at some point in the next couple of years you'll probably buy them all again for Xbox 720 with subtly improved graphics, a few bolt-on collectables and (if you're lucky) a download code for an Xbox Live copy of some hopelessly dated spiritual precursor.

This is the way the world works, and you'd be foolish to fight the flow. Come now, cease your struggles, spread those arms wide and embrace our munificent overlords in the publishing biz - being careful, of course, not to get your filthy consumer grease on their gleaming spats and ivory-tipped canes. If it helps, the industry's predilection for remastering IP does occasionally result in a tempting deal - a new lease of life for a cult classic, for instance, or new content that's actually worth a second purchase. I've listed a few of this generation's better remakes, HD editions and mega all-time compilations below.

1. Beyond Good & Evil HD
A day will come when I don't find it necessary too bang on about Ubisoft's peerlessly compressed Zelda-a-like in list features, and that day will be when I am dead and cold. Whether you focus on the refreshing absence of silly gender stereotypes or the sheer variety of tasks and activities tucked into that tightly realised open world, Beyond Good & Evil is as playable today as it was 10 years ago. The Xbox Live Arcade version adds nothing save sharper edges, but it's an absolute steal at the price. Your enjoyment glands will thank you.

Buy it for 800 MP

2. Battlefield 1943
In hindsight, firing up DICE's multiplayer-only XBLA remake of Battlefield 1942 after two Bad Company titles is rather like going from Far Cry 2 to Far Cry 3. That's to say, it's a much goofier, brighter and less consequential kind of shooter, though still a game that gets immensely savage at times. 1943 revives and overhauls four 1942 maps, including the cherished Wake Island, and applies a big dollop of Frostbite's trademark terrain deformation. If Battlefield 3's techno-realism leave you thirsty, take a swig of this.

Buy it for 1200 MP

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