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Insomniac boss: mobile and tablet won't kill off consoles and AAA blockbusters

"I don't think it would be smart to say that the console business is going away"

There's a lot in the papers right now about next generation being the last console generation, and accordingly, a lot in the papers about the "death" of so-called "traditional", time and concentration-intensive gaming versus the explosion of mobile software. Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price reckons you all need to calm down and see sense. One way of playing a game doesn't exclude another, given a bit of flexibility on the part of developers.

"I'll go back and reference a historical point. 7 or 8 years ago, people said PC was dead," he told me at a preview event for Fuse, the Ratchet studio's promising squad shooter. "What's happened to PC? Thanks to digital distribution, Steam and other services, PC has come roaring back.


"I don't think it would be smart for any of us to say that the console business is going to go away, which you hear a lot in the news today," Price continued. "I think there will always be players who want big AAA summer blockbuster experience and you're going to get those experiences on consoles, which is for me as a player, exciting. At the same time, players have even more options when it comes to bite-sized experiences on mobile. It means as a games enthusiast, I can spend even more time playing.

"And that's great! I can tailor my play styles to what I'm doing. If I've got a few hours at home, I can fire up my console. If I'm in line at a coffee shop, I'm updating my Clash of Clans base, or playing Candy Crush Saga. I've been playing that a ridiculous amount.

"It's all good from the games industry's perspective as we have many more players coming in. It's just that change is hard to swallow. It's hard for companies to deal with sometimes. We're in an industry that's changing faster than ever and we have to accept that we're going to change too."

Insomniac is well-positioned to move with the times, on the face of it - besides a new ultra-efficient proprietary engine that's "built to last", the company has diversified into browser gaming with social role-player Outernauts. Fuse is due out in March this year.