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Halo 4 update due "within next two weeks" - fixes Boltshot, vehicle Friendly Fire, spawn glitch

"Premiere competitive playlist" Team Throwdown out on Monday

An embarrassing confession: I've yet to actually kill anything with a Boltshot since Halo 4 was released. The weapon chargeable secondary fire is a joy to use, but that joy is strongly contingent upon the skill of the wielder, and skilled I most certainly am not. Alas, 343 seems intent on depriving me of satisfaction - a forthcoming Halo 4 update will hack the Boltshot's effective one-hit kill range down by a quarter to a third.

As detailed by the latest Halo Bulletin, the update "is nearing completion, and it is expected to release within the next two weeks. It addresses some of the concerns we've been hearing from the community," the post continues, "but just to set your expectations accordingly, we know we still have work to do.


"There's more balancing to be done and more issues to address, and we are actively working with the Halo 4 game team to investigate the feasibility of additional fixes."

Here's a very partial list of the fixes and changes, plus a Halo-themed Valentine's Day card, which may cause you pain. Speak not to me of pain, readers. Alas, my precious Boltshot. Never shall you and I glory in the sight of somebody evaporating from the neck on down.

- Reduced the range of the Boltshot's damage scaling over distance. The previous effective range for 1-hit kills was 20'-25'. The range has been reduced to 15'.
- Fixed an issue that did not allow players to create respawn timers or disable instant respawn in custom games.
- Fixed issues with friendly fire against vehicles. If FF is disabled, damage / EMPs from friendly sources will no longer damage vehicles that are fully controlled by your team.

Next Monday sees the addition of Team Throwdown to Halo 4 matchmaking, billed as "our premiere competitive playlist". The Halo 4 team "have been monitoring community game type settings and feedback over the past few months, and teamed up with competitive community leaders Walshy, StrongSide and Gh057ayame to build this playlist.

"We created an experience that will feature the popular "v2" settings and maps, which have been carefully developed and tweaked for competitive play. The playlist will feature Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, Extraction and King of the Hill at launch." Read the piece in full for specifics as to how each mode has been customised.


343 is also "aware that there is a portion of the competitive community who'd prefer to see game types that utilize the DMR, as well as more of Halo 4's sandbox. As a result, we are working with Walshy, StrongSide and Gh057ayame to develop alternate settings with balanced loadouts that offer varied options for Primary Weapons, Armor Abilities, Tactical Packages and Support Upgrades.

"We are still making final tweaks to these settings - they may launch with the playlist on Monday, or may be released in a future update. We'll be sure to announce a final, detailed breakdown of the settings that will be featured in the playlist in the Matchmaking section of the forums, so be on the lookout for that this weekend."

Shot anybody in an amusing way lately? And what's your favourite playlist or post-release Halo 4 mode variant so far?