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EA celebrates Valentine's Day by giving away Dead Space 3 DLC

The fastest way to a woman's heart is through her ribcage

Ever one to seize a seasonal opportunity, EA is giving away a couple of Dead Space 3 download codes to celebrate Valentine's Day - that holiest of days, when couples renew their affection for one another by blasting hideous outer space monsters square in the joints with obscenely dangerous engineering implements. Or, if you're the less demonstrative type, by scavenging for weapon components together. It's a metaphor, silly. Those weapon components stand for LOVE.

Fancy being a part of it? Simply leave a comment telling us what you'd expect to read on a Dead Space 3 Valentine's Day card - EA has helpfully supplied a couple of examples. We'll choose a winner at 5pm today.


Packs covered by the offer include the below:

Tau Volantis Survival Kit (bundle of Marauder, Sharpshooter, Tundra, and Bot Accelerator)
Marauder suit pack
Sharpshooter suit pack
Tundra suit pack
Bot Accelerator
Bot Capacity
Bot Personality

Update: The winners have been chosen and contacted. Thanks all for participating.