Xbox 360 will outsell Wii in the UK - Microsoft unfazed by impending Sony reveal

"Now we've also got to start from scratch"

Achievement unlocked: pointless commercial milestone #453. Microsoft has announced that total sales of the Xbox 360 will overtake those of the Wii in the UK in a matter of weeks.

That's despite a "major push" from Sony's marketing team, apparently. "Ten years ago, to think we would be the leader in our second generation is an achievement," Microsoft regional boss Jon Grimes told MCV. "We have great people that have been with us a long time, and now it's about strengthening that team."


It's been another banner year for Xbox in terms of sales-related announcements. US analyst DFC Intelligence predicts that the Xbox 360 will ultimately outsell the Wii in the US, too, becoming the nation's best-selling current gen console.

Will Microsoft manage it third time round? Only time will tell. "What has got us to where we are today is not going to be what gets us through the next ten years," Grimes added, rather suggestively. "Now we've also got to start from scratch when thinking about the future. Driving creativity, whether around marketing, retail or new business models, is key for us."

The mention of "new business models" could imply many things. It could be a reference to the growing importance of free-to-play software on console, or software supported by micro-transactions. It could also refer to Microsoft's recent trial run of a $99 Xbox supported by smartphone-style monthly Xbox Live payments. What do you think?

Grimes isn't worried about the widely rumoured imminent reveal of the PlayStation 4 - most pundits claim it'll take place at special Sony event on 20th February. "Whatever gets announced on February 20th, the majority of UK consumers won't know," he said. "They'll still want to buy the devices out there. Our job is not to get lost in the industry chatter, but to ensure that the consumers going into stores, going online, still experience Xbox.

"The announcement is important for the industry, but it is also important to remember who is buying right now."