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Minecraft Xbox 360 update 9 - first screenshot of spawn eggs released

Jungles and Ocelots will appear in a later update

4J Studios has released the first screenshot of Minecraft Xbox 360's forthcoming title update 9. Don't set your underpants on fire just yet - it's a picture of a menu. But that menu does contain the very first console-based Spawn Egg.

It's not all good news. 4J has confirmed that Ocelots and jungle biomes won't appear in the update, whose chief contributions to Minecrafting are (1) an utterly desolate alternate dimension, and (2) a massive dragon, residing in said utterly desolate alternate dimension. You can read more about both the latter in our Minecraft Xbox 360 update 9 survival guide. A number of other, currently unknown new features are in store.


"We're hard at work on TU9, still lots to do," the developer added in a tweet. The new Minecraft update will release next month at the very earliest.