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Ryse development is "on track", says Crytek, but 2013 release uncertain

"The game is really shaping up well"

We've seen and heard little of Crytek's classical fisticuffs sim Ryse since the game showed its face at E3 2011, and when I recently accosted Crytek's Cevat Yerli for details as to this most ambitious of Kinect projects, he was reluctant to give away much. Fans of Roman-punching can rest assured, however, that "development is tracking very well".

"We're are on track with all our plans," Yerli told OXM at a Crysis 3 event. "The game is really shaping up well, but that's pretty much all I can say at the moment." He was equally unwilling to be drawn on release dates. Asked whether Ryse would skip 2013, Yerli replied simply: "I don't know." The game's debut trailer is below.

One reason for Ryse's repeated delay could be that Crytek is adding a multiplayer mode - Crackdown 2 studio Ruffian Games is rumoured to be involved.

Of possible relevance: it's claimed the next Xbox will ship with a new and improved version of Kinect, which is capable of tracking things like thumb joints and facial expressions. Thumbs? They're good for eye-gouging with.