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Batman: Arkham 3 could be next gen game, in development at Warner Bros Montreal

Expect more news in "2-3 months"

Yesterday, Warner revealed that a new game in the Batman Arkham series is on the way, and there was much rejoicing. But that particular silver lining has a dark cloud - according to the usual all-knowing, all-seeing "sources", the new Batman is not being developed by the Dark Knight's greatest custodians, Rocksteady Studios.

The publisher has yet to comment on the latter rumour, but job listings suggest that Warner Bros Montreal could be in the driving seat. As reported by Videogamer, the studio is hiring for a producer and a creative director to "work with its game development team responsible for expanding the DC Comics universe in the interactive space". One of the listings describes the team's project as being "focused around the AAA action/adventure space", while the other calls for an "expert in next-generation AAA action/adventure games".


The DC Comics universe is a vast and mysterious place, of course, so there's no guarantee the new game is an Arkham effort. We'll find out roundabouts oh, April-May time. "In just 2-3 months, our project will be announced (in grand fashion) and it's going to be big!" senior producer Ben Mattes tweeted last week. "As we dive head-first into our polish period..."

What do you want from the third Batman Arkham game? There was talk of a Silver Age prequel last year, which raised a few hackles - I heartily approve, personally.