Rumour: next gen Xbox won't run without next gen Kinect - game installs also mandatory

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it an unsubstantiated rumour story?

This just in: the next generation version of Kinect will be able to see your thumbs, thus distinguishing you at a glance from household pets and coat stands. It'll also be able to distinguish you from the other guy in your room who hasn't paid for the movie you're watching, whereupon hunter-killer drones will be dispatched to blow his arse off with heat-seeking plasma balls.

Today's Xbox 720 rumour comes care of Kotaku and the mysterious internet highwayman known as SuperDAE, the man behind such wild claims as this "Kinect 2" interface image. According to the report, Kinect's successor recognises up to six people at once, can tell whether your hands are open or closed, and is even capable of identifying your facial expression. Oh, and your Xbox 720 won't run without it.


That's right: Kinect is allegedly mandatory next gen, which is why it'll ship with every console. Also mandatory: game installations, though next gen Xbox games are reportedly set up to install in semi-autonomous segments, meaning you can begin playing the first part of a game straight away while the rest of it transfers over.

The console will, we're told, come with built-in wi-fi and a 500 GB hard drive, and will be able to run multiple apps and games at once - switch away from a game, and it'll go into a low-intensity "suspend" state. The Xbox 720 controller will be a "natural evolution" of its predecessor, and alas, Xbox 360 pads won't be compatible with the new machine thanks to a change in wireless technology.

Does any of this sound remotely plausible to you? Microsoft recently patented technology which identifies copyright ownership via facial scans and allows or withholds media consumption accordingly.