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Best Xbox DLC: 2013's most promising Xbox add-ons

Forget new games and consoles - let's bulk out the old ones

The old downloadable content racket has come a long, long way since Bethesda whacked 200 MP on a suit of gilt-edged tinfoil horse pyjamas. Nowadays, DLC packs extend from bitty, just-for-giggles fare like Gears of War 3's weapon skins, to the ponderous immensity of Skyrim's Dragonborn.

We've already regaled you with our 20 favourite Xbox 360 DLC packs, as of the time of writing - now, read about the most promising add-ons of the year to come.

1. Battlefield 3 - Endgame
Battlefield 3 might not have impressed us quite as much as Modern Warfare 3, but when it comes to post-release expansion, DICE's game is streets ahead - possibly because it's riding one of the excitable new m0t0rbik3s due for inclusion in March's Endgame pack, the fifth and final add-on.

Endgame is chock-a-block with new vehicles - besides the bikes, which can be ridden by two players at once, the pack introduces a semi-automated dropship that's awarded to whoever holds the central flag in Conquest, and a couple of new troop transports that are kitted out for both anti-air and ground combat. Potentially the most exciting addition, however, is old Battlefield 1943 mode Air Superiority - probably the nearest we're going to get to a new air combat game for a while. I'm going to suck at that one. Ah well, at least there are no helicopters. Can't stand helicopters.

Last but not least, there are four new maps, including the watercourse-heavy Operation Riverside and the snowy Sabalan Pipeline. These are said to be seasonally themed, which is a nice change from the usual "rocks with dust on them" stylings, and in EA's words, "serve as a beautiful reminder of the broad range of vistas we can deliver with the Frostbite 2 engine, and how the environment influences gameplay in subtle ways."

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