Crystal Dynamics releases 11 minute Tomb Raider video with commentary

New school Lara goes postal, Legolas-style

What are you doing, working/socialising/off sick with the mumps? Stop it immediately and watch this 11 minute Tomb Raider trailer, which shows off the Monastery area, combat tactics and the best way to use Lara's Survival vision mode.

I've watched about 60 seconds so far, and it's all a bit hilarious. At one point, the demo handler says something along the lines of "Lara can use brains when approaching a situation" - whereupon Lara pops up and shoots a guy in the head. Later, the sight of Lara scampering marginally sideways to avoid a single Molotov cocktail serves as an excuse to assert that "we try to promote movement from the player".

Not quite a marvel of tactical planning so far, then, but the environments and animations are lovely. Hang on, I'll watch the rest before writing more.

Back again. Ooh, did you see the bit where she bounced off the tree? Looked proper painful - and I like that she doesn't quite shrug the injury off afterwards. That girl's no T1000 - she's a Believable Sympathetic Heroine, you mark my words.

The game's out on 5th March. Next week, Crystal Dynamics will release a video which demonstrates "how enemies adjust their attacks depending on Lara's approach to combat and an introduction to the Challenge Tombs." Tombs, you say? The only good tomb is a raided tomb, am I right?