New Legacy of Kain project revealed - possible artwork spotted in portfolio

Square Enix trademarks - could this be that 2011 animation project?

This weekend might have been the best weekend ever for yours truly. Sure, the weather was rubbish, the washing machine broke and at one point I got my character's foot stuck in Dark Souls, metres from a very inconsiderate fireball-throwing necromancer. But news that the Legacy of Kain series could be mounting a comeback washed all that despair and suffering away. Arise, Raziel. You are reborn.

Here's what you probably already know, if you were hooked up to a newsfeed this weekend: Square Enix appears to have registered the domain "" via well-known front CSC Corporate Domains. Nosgoth, in case you're new to all this, is the name of the planet on which the Legacy of Kain series is set - a woebegone world caught up in a centuries-old struggle between vampires, humans and a race of freaky extra-dimensional exiles.

Assuming the title refers to an individual war, there are several possible starting points in the franchise's notoriously convoluted chronology. Kain sage Mama Robotnik has outlined a few over on NeoGAF - I'm hoping we'll get the chance to experience the rise of Kain's original vampiric empire, or perhaps the events between Raziel's destruction and his resurrection at the hands of the Elder God. Given the events of Defiance, a return for Raziel himself seems unlikely, but hey - time travel papers over a multitude of plot-related sins.

Now, here's what you probably don't know: in 2011, artist Richard Buxton worked on a "Legacy of Kain videogame animation pitch" while at production company Passion Pictures, via LinkedIn. It's not clear whether the idea for the project came from the production company, or by invitation of Square Enix, nor is it clear what "videogame animation pitch" refers to, exactly - an animation based on Legacy of Kain? Or animation for the new game? Interpret as you please.

Buxton also has some highly Kain-ish art on his online portfolio, including the below storyboard. Notice the teeth, claws, vaguely medieval/fantastical setting and emphasis on combat. The image is unlabelled, and when I called Buxton for comment just now, he told me only: "I'm not allowed to talk about that." Curious and, indeed, curiouser.