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Best of our brother and sister sites

Hark - the sound of another working week crumbling to ashes, blown by the winds of change. Once again, it is my sacred duty to inform you of all the best stuff written on Future Publishing's various websites this week. Pull up a chair and assume an attitude of enormous awe and respect. Ready? Let's begin.

T3 leads the charge with some excitable talk about technology. They've written a very fine Blackberry Z10 review, backed by an Archos Gamepad review. Archos, incidentally, is Greek for "Master". Blackberry, meanwhile, is another word for a very small piece of fruit.

CVG's gone bananas (more fruit!) for Dead Space, offering both a Dead Space 3 review round up and 10 must-read tips for surviving the Necromorph threat. I've got a Dead Space 3 weapon crafting guide you might consider for dessert.


Gamesradar continues its proud tradition of listing every game ever created with a feature on the best PSX games. Final Fantasy 9 and Final Fantasy Tactics are on it, but Vagrant Story isn't. There's going to be trouble on that front, come Monday. Nobody snubs Ashley Riot in my presence and gets away with it. While you're fuming with outrage, read their Pokemon X and Y guide.

Tesco dances us off stage with a guide to getting started with Google Hangouts and, somewhat bizarrely, a guide to planning the perfect Pancake Day. Pancake Day falls on 12th February, just so you know. Let the preparations commence!

Here's a bit of music to kick off Friday night.