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Activision announces three new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games


Continuing its mission to scoop up all the toys you loved as a child and convert them into videogames, Activision has announced a partnership with Nickleodeon to develop three new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles titles. Platforms, release dates and developer details have yet to be revealed.

The new trilogy is apparently based on the new CG-animated TV series, which I haven't watched. There's a new female character called April O'Neil, who isn't of the turtle persuasion. She had better not be the basis for some sort of escort mission, Activision, or Heads Will Roll. [UPDATE: OXM editor in Turtle lore fail shocker! April isn't a new character - she's been there for years! But of course I knew that. I was just testing you.]


"The fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are unique in that they span generations and are very passionate," commented Activision Publishing vice president Kurt Niederloh in a release. "We respect this passion and look forward to working with Nickelodeon to create games that embody the spirit of the property."

Sherice Torres, senior VP of entertainment products for Nickelodeon Consumer Products is also dead keen on the collaboration, you may be surprised to hear. "We are confident that these upcoming games will take gamers through interactive environments and action-packed adventures that truly capture the essence, tone and exciting elements of the Turtles," she said.

Hopefully, Activision's heeded the wisdom of the OXM community and put Rocksteady to work on this one. Though Transformers developer High Moon could probably do wonderful things with it too.

Question for the thread: who's your favourite Turtle? Mine's Donatello. He's got the biggest stick.