Halo 4 update: 343 to add Team Snipers, Shotty Snipers, tweak Team Doubles

Team Throwdown coming 18th February

Ah, Halo - where snipers know how to treat each other right. There's none of this galloping Call of Duty style, exploiting that whisper of auto-aim that accompanies zoom-to-scope - it's all about range, and patience, and animal cunning. Come Monday, Halo 4 matchmaking will be a pro marksman's paradise, thanks to the introduction of a dedicated sniper playlist.

As detailed on Halo Waypoint, the playlist re-introduces Team Snipers, which pits four players against four in a race to land 60 kills lasting no longer than 12 minutes. The only permitted weapons are UNSC sniper rifles with unlimited ammo, and you'll have to do without such mind-atrophying luxuries as death cams, motion trackers, ordnance or grenades. These are the tools of lesser Spartans, my friends. They'll make you soft. You don't want to go soft, do you?


Players with shorter attention spans may prefer Shotty Snipers, which is much as above except with grenades and shotguns. According to 343's Jessica Shea, "we'll be launching the playlist with several medium-sized maps - slightly modified versions of Haven, Abandon and some Forge favorites will be available.

"Also, we're in the process of building additional new Snipers game types that we'll introduce in upcoming weeks. For those of you wondering about the duration of the Team Snipers playlist fear not - we plan on keeping it around for a while."

Also due for drop on Monday is Team Objective, which groups together 4 vs 4 Team Regicide, Oddball and King of the Hill. "The biggest changes you'll see to these game types are that Complex Oddball has been removed," notes Shea, "and instant respawn has been disabled for both KoTH and Oddball."

The developer will also tweak this week's Team Doubles playlist in response to complaints about abuse of Ordnance Drops - come Monday, you won't be able to call in Rocket Launchers, Incineration Cannons, sniper rifles or Overshields while rocking the playlists, though these weapons and tools can still be found on certain maps.

Also, 343 aims to remove instant respawn from Infinity Doubles, and will address certain spawn issues on Haven, together with a troublesome Sticky Detonator on Dispatch - the latter now spawns with a 180 second resupply timer and two spare clips.

Last but not least, Halo 4's "premiere" competitive playlist Team Throwdown will launch on 18th February. I'm looking forward to find out what that one consists of. Sounds wrestling-related. Spartan WWE, anyone?