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Avalanche's Just Cause 3 out "June 2015 for next generation consoles" - rumour

Developer also has movie and comicbook games in the works

Professional online eavesdropper Superannuation has been sniffing around Avalanche Studios, developer of the Just Cause series. Good news, everybody - the next instalment of the latter should be with us by June 2015, all going to plan, and there are a couple of unannounced Avalanche projects on the boil too, all for next generation consoles.

Avalanche Studios cofounder and CEO Christofer Sundberg's LinkedIn resume reveals the existence of a "sandbox action game" for Square Enix, publisher of the second game. The game is "is being developed at Avalanche Studios' New York studio and is scheduled for completion in June 2015 for next generation console platforms."


This could well be Project Mamba, Avalanche New York's debut game (first details here), which is said to make use of "asynchronous multiplayer technologies" and mobile apps. Is your mind boggling? Because mine is. Just Cause is quite demented enough already without any Dragon's Dogma style shenanigans - in case you'd forgotten, this is the game where you can grapple onto an explosively propelled oil drum.

As revealed by Sundberg, Avalanche's two other projects are the developer's "first license game" which is "based on a well-known movie license", and a comicbook game. The former is due out in April 2014 for current and next generation consoles and PC.

Just Cause 3, then. Any hopes/demands?