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Halo 4's campaign "still contains many secrets" - 343 drops Easter egg clues for treasure-hunters

Thought you'd cleaned out Halo 4? Think again

Despite clocking up roughly a gazillion hours in the trenches, Halo 4 players have yet to see everything there is to see in the game's campaign, it seems. In the latest Halo Waypoint bulletin, 343 staff have posted clues as to cunningly secreted Easter eggs awaiting discovery in certain missions. Are you Spartan enough to find them all?

"The Halo 4 Campaign still contains many secrets left uncovered," writes lead campaign designer Jesse Snyder. "Hidden in various missions by our venerable mission designers, Easter eggs have been lying dormant, ticking clocks simply waiting for a pair of eyes outside of 343 to see them. Eyes that could be yours.


"Did you find any secrets as you played through Campaign?" he continues, gloatingly. "Initially, fans found many things that they thought were Easter eggs. Discovering that, in fact, many were still hidden, we were relieved. Avid secret hunters claimed that some of our treasures would be found within days of launching the game. 'Certainly, they'll find them any day now,' we thought. Time would prove both us the aforementioned secret hunters wrong.

"Act quickly and maybe you'll find an easter egg on your own, but that time is about to pass. We've decided to give you some hints to help you uncover our secrets, without telling you where they are outright. Additionally, we'll be giving you more hints in future Bulletins. Knowing how well we've hidden our easter eggs, it only seems fair. Even though this may sound cliché, 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again.'

"Never stop searching. Some secrets might be right in front of you."

The clues in question are below. By the sounds of it, some of them are time-specific. Might want to get a move on then.

Mission: Requiem
What is it?
An appreciation of architecture, and a return to nature.
Where is it?
It may be beautiful, but returning here is deadly.

Mission: Forerunner
What is it?
A deadly ambush waits for you
If you have the will to power through
Kill them all, your reward is great
Weapons to turn the tide of fate

Where is it?
After the enemies rain from the sky
Before the doorway through which you fly
You must return to the rock on which the ledge is by
Patience is a virtue, but your death is nigh

Mission: Midnight
What is it?
A congenial sight.

Where is it?
Lost in the belly of the beast.