Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC "Bug Hunt" revealed for March release

It's Horde Mode with Xenomorphs, price not yet confirmed

"There's something moving and it ain't us"? "I may be synthetic but I'm not stupid"? "Get away from her you bitch"? I honestly can't work out which particular Aliens quote is appropriate to Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC pack Bug Hunt, revealed via Walmart promotional materials posted on the Gearbox forums.

Oh hang on, the choice is obvious. "I only need to know one thing. Where they are." Well, Vasquez, it seems they're mostly coming at you from every direction in escalating waves. Mostly.


Bug Hunt is due to drop on 19th March 2013, and apparently has a value of $14.99. Whether that translates to it actually costing $14.99 (1200 MP) remains to be seen.

Our review of Aliens: Colonial Marines will be with you in under a week. While you wait, here's an interview with the game's cinematic director. It's an interesting read, if I do say so myself, covering the possibility of future Aliens sequels and how next generation technology will disrupt traditional business models (amongst other things).