Dishonored 2 for Xbox 720? Arkane seeks FPS/RPG talent for next gen work

Or could it be a new IP?

Seems the connoisseurs of shadowy corners at Arkane Studios have more in store than another round of Dishonored DLC. Job listings posted in January suggest that the developer is working on something first-person, "immersive" and RPG-flavoured for next generation consoles.

"Answering to the Technical Director, you will adapt, maintain and optimize the code for PC and next gen consoles," reads a vacancy for a senior engine programmer, which cites a "[passion] about FPS and RPG games" and a "[passion] about first person immersive games" as advantageous qualities.


If you're new to Dishonored, that's a mix that fits it like a velvet glove - a glove clutching an intricate folding short sword. Bethesda has all but guaranteed that the game will get a sequel, with marketing boss Peter Hines commenting that "we clearly have a new franchise" in November.

So, what direction would you like Dishonored 2 to take, assuming you don't want Arkane to kickstart another new IP? Here's a wishlist penned by doughty OXM intern Alex Hawksworth-Brookes to get everybody warmed up.