Minecraft Xbox 360 update 9 won't just add The End - 4J hints at new features

"The plan has changed a little, you will see more."

The next Minecraft Xbox 360 update won't just introduce new dimension The End and its titanic overlord the Enderdragon, as originally planned. 4J Studios is now working on adding a number of other features from the PC version ahead of schedule.

"The plan has changed a little, you will see more," the developer tweeted last night, when pressed by fans. Climbable vines will be among the additional features. Beyond that, we're in the dark - though we do know from earlier 4J tweets that Spawn Eggs, Ocelots and texture pack support are on the way in unspecified future Minecraft updates.


4J is also contemplating making Superflat worlds deeper, so there's more room to build upwards, along with the option to reset the Nether in order to take advantage of new features (e.g. Nether Strongholds) without starting a save file from scratch.

You can read more about the Enderdragon and The End in our Minecraft Xbox 360 update 9 survival guide. Careful - the big chap won't come quietly. Full details of the previous Minecraft Xbox 360 update can be found here.

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