Battlefield 3 DLC End Game trailer - Capture The Flag is back with bikes

Cue high speed chase with helicopters in tow

Battlefield 3 End Game now has a trailer, and that trailer poses a simple question: can a bunch of people armed with RPGs and riding motorised bicycles see off a pesky helicopter? The answer is: yes, providing they're accompanied by a truck with an AA turret on top of it.

Besides bikes, AA trucks and the return of Capture The Flag mode, End Game adds four "vast" new maps, a dropship which "introduces the ability to turn the tide with rapid deployment air drops of troop transports", a new version of Battlefield 1943's Air Superiority mode (pictured briefly at the end of the video), and the usual new Achievements, assignments and dog tags.


DICE has a few things to say about the maps - they're each "inspired by one of the four seasons", apparently. "If there's something our line of expansion packs have shown, it's how many different flavors of combat Battlefield 3 can cater for," reads a post on the Battlefield blog. "From the classic gameplay of Back to Karkand to the tight infantry combat on Close Quarters and massive all-out vehicle warfare of Armored Kill - we love to give our fans new experiences while staying true to the Battlefield core.

"By making each map distinctly unique, End Game serves as a beautiful reminder of the broad range of vistas we can deliver with the Frostbite 2 engine, and how the environment influences gameplay in subtle ways. From the beautiful fall-themed Operation Riverside, with its many rivers and electrical sub-stations, to snowy Sabalan Pipeline, End Game brings all of your favorite settings into one tight package."

The new dropship, meanwhile, "is awarded to whatever team holds the central flag in Conquest mode and lets you drop in an additional Infantry Fighting Vehicle by parachute, forcing the enemy to keep close tabs on your position or risk being overrun."

It's out March this year. Watch the trailer.