Battlefield 4 release date confirmed for "next year" - more news in "about 90 days"

Plus, "we're not announcing an annualization of Battlefield at this time."

Battlefield 4 will release next year, EA has confirmed during a chat with investors last night, and you can expect to hear more of the game in a little under three months.

"We've already talked a little bit about that we have a Battlefield title coming next year, but we're not in a position right now to talk about our development plans and our SKU plan long term," the firm's Games label chief Frank Gibeau commented, adding that more news will drop "in about 90 days". Cheers, SeekingAlpha.


The timing puts Battlefield squarely in the next generation console camp, as expected, though it's not quite clear whether "next year" means "next calendar year" or "next fiscal year". According to EA CEO John Riccitiello, Battlefield and last year's best-selling Xbox 360 series, FIFA, will be EA's top two franchises going into next gen. "We think Battlefield and FIFA are going to help us lead as we move into the next set of technology opportunities and platform opportunities, and continue to get bigger."

Later in the chat, Gibeau resisted the suggestion that Battlefield become an annual series, in light of Medal of Honor's fall from grace. "We are not announcing an annualization of Battlefield today. What we've said is that we will be launching a Battlefield game next year, and we're very excited to show you guys more detail on that coming soon. But we're not announcing an annualization of Battlefield at this time."

Developer DICE is tremendously upbeat about Battlefield's prospects. "I truly believe that we're in one of the best positions to be creating our next title," community manager Ian Tornay commented on Reddit last July. "Frostbite 2 has matured, we've been gathering fan feedback like crazy, Battlefield 3 continues to expand with features which we can learn from, and we've got more data about how people play than ever."

Specifically, the studio is looking to introduce "a better VOIP solution", Battle Recorder, Spectator Mode and "more robust eSports support". DICE is conscious that "there have been a lot of complaints about the UI" and is "taking them into serious consideration. UI is a big point of focus for us in BF4."

Thanks to Videogamer for spotting this.