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Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 patch prepares ground for new Mass Effect 3 DLC

Also sorts out crazy weapon exploit

Hey you, the Krogan guy loading intercontinental missiles into a pistol! BioWare doesn't like your filthy glitch-exploiting kind, and that's why the studio is rolling out a new Mass Effect 3 patch today. It should be available now, more or less.

"There is a new Mass Effect 3 patch coming for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 beginning later this evening," BioWare's Chris Priestley announced around 11 hours ago, via BioWare Social. The Playstation 3 version is expected at Midnight tonight (between Jan 30 and Jan 31). "The Xbox version is expected at 01:00am PST Jan 31. The PC version is expected at 10:00am January 31. All times are approximations."


We're not 100 per cent on what the update contains just yet, but there are two fixes of note. One, the update nobbles an issue whereby users could use rocket ammunition with all their weapons in multiplayer. Two, it sorts out a bug relating to memory usage when initialising DLCs.

The latter, of course, points to the impending arrival of another game add-on. Mass Effect series overseers Mike Gamble and Casey Hudson teased the prospect of new Mass Effect 3 DLC via new artworks earlier this week. Word is the expansion will take place aboard the Citadel.

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