New Splinter Cell: Blacklist gameplay video - five minutes of Fisher action with commentary

Log and Ubisoft talk Spies vs Mercs, load-out options, Killing in Motion and more

Ah, Mr Fisher - good to see you again. Though we must admit we're a little disappointed that we can see you. OXM is proud to present another of our exhilarating Men Talking Over Actual Gameplay videos, which features brand new footage of the grim-faced Splinter Cell: Blacklist in action.

As our playful introductory jest hopefully suggests, Blacklist has attracted a degree of controversy. According to series fans, there's way too much killing and not enough sneaking in all the footage to date. Game director Patrick Redding addresses this and other subjects in the video - the short answer is that trailers are all about spectacle, not hiding in pitch-black corners, and you shouldn't infer too much about Blacklist's taste for a firefight. Though that spectacular-looking "killing in motion" stuff is pretty key.

Assuming you haven't already, you might want to check out our last chat with Ubisoft Toronto, featuring creative director Maxime Beland. It's a long, revealing read which covers Conviction's troubled development, new Blacklist weapons like the crossbow, and why Michael Ironside won't reprise the role of Sam Fisher. For our thoughts on how the game handles, peruse Jonty's rather sadistic hands-on.